adj., n., & v.
—adj. (often foll. by from) forming a unit that is or may be regarded as apart or by itself; physically disconnected, distinct, or individual (living in separate rooms; the two questions are essentially separate).
1 (in pl.) separate articles of clothing suitable for wearing together in various combinations.
2 an offprint.
1 tr. make separate, sever, disunite.
2 tr. prevent union or contact of.
3 intr. go different ways, disperse.
4 intr. cease to live together as a married couple.
5 intr. (foll. by from) secede.
6 tr. a divide or sort (milk, ore, fruit, light, etc.) into constituent parts or sizes. b (often foll. by out) extract or remove (an ingredient, waste product, etc.) by such a process for use or rejection.
7 tr. US discharge, dismiss.
separately adv. separateness n. separative adj. separatory adj.
Etymology: L separare separat- (as SE-, parare make ready)

Useful english dictionary. 2012.